Zoho is a CRM designed for any type of company, no matter the kind of sales.

It facilitates the communication of the company with the potential clients at the right time and the interaction with thems through several channels, which allows close deals more intelligently.


The multi-channel assistance of Zoho CRM allows you to communicate with customers by phone, live chat, email, social networks and even in person. It offers a tracking of visitors and the analysis of emails to know what customers see and discover opportunities to encourage participation.

Sales performance

Preconfigured and customizable KPIs help you know in which areas your equipment excels and in which additional training is need. Facilitates the coordination of efforts between the Marketing and Sales teams. It allows you to compare advertising spending with sales revenue to know how initial operations affect the final balance.


It allows the client to ensure that the sales processes he has designed can be scaled, providing the same level of attention to consumers and potential customers. Blueprint of Zoho CRM helps ensure that all team members follow the proper process. Workflows and macros automate daily activities.

Extension and customization

With ZOHO CRM, the database can be adapted to the specific needs of each industry through customized applications, modules and fields. Thanks to native and third party integrations, you can forecast trends and solve everyday problems. For example: Zoho Marketplace, Integrations with Google Apps, and Integrations with Zoho Apps.

Availability for companies

The data keep safe, due to SLA guarantees, uptime and functions such as: restriction of IP addresses and audit records. Zoho, has state-of-the-art data centers in the US and in the European Union, which will allow you to choose the jurisdiction in which you want the CRM infrastructure to be managed.

Sales productivity

From the first contact to the closing, Zoho CRM can be configured to perform optimal management of potential clients and opportunities management, through follow-up reminders and personalized reports to forecast trends.

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